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If I were a geologist GIF Geology Geology puns Geology humor

If I were a geologist GIF Geology Geology puns Geology humor


Me being a geologist... You rock and u rock and u rock!!!

geology jokes kids - Google Search

internet science cartoon and geology humor about rocks not being gneiss

geology jokes kids - Google Search


10 Reasons to Become a Geologist. Geology PunsCollege ...

Mineral Humor. Mineral Humor Geology ...

Coreagues Geologist - You want geOlogy puns? give me a minute, I'll

This pretty much sums up 13 weeks of Geology class ...

Just a little geology joke :) Wisconsin Geological Survey

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Subduction License - Geology, Earth and Environmental Science

geologist geology pun sedimentary sherlock holmes - 6427084288

You know what I think about geologists?

We'll be rock hunting and visiting some mines for the next 2 weeks. See you in mid July. #humor #rockhumor

on the mohs scale.. i'm an 11 Sexual Geologist

Some of these rocks are also the schist. Image via Pixabay. Ahhhh, geology.

How my Geology 101 students feel every time we do hand sample identification ...

Live Laugh Lava Card Funny Volcano Geology Humor Card BlueSpecsStudio | Etsy

You Might Be A Geologist If.. Tile Coaster

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Geology rocks ...

Geology voting puns you didn't know you needed

Funny Geology Rock Mineral Collector T Shirt Gift Geologist

Geology Rocks Nerd Pun - Funny Geology Humor Gift

Badass Geologist Gets Revenge On Drunk Neighbour Who Blocks Her Car With Boulder. Funny


Have some geology puns.

Funny Geologist. Geology Babe Cap

Calcium ions give apatite a blue hue. The yellowish mineral is calcite. Image credits Géry Parent / Flickr.

Geology Rocks Nerd Pun - Funny Geology Humor Gift

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Funny Geologist Mineral Geode Rock Collector Geology Shirt

So, you like geology puns?

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All Geology Puns Are Relephant From Here On Out

Plate tectonics drove evolution of life on Earth, say scientists

A guided tour through the worst tourists imaginable (18 GIFs and Photos)

Only Geology Geeks Will Understand.

A volcanic rock. Image credits Angela Thomas.

Hong Kong Geology - A 400-Million Year Journey

When geologists screw up. biologist-physucust-geologist

It can be stressful when facing this imperative the first few times, though as we'll see in a later section, geologists learn to cope.


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I was a little concerned at first because they like to throw big parties, but I they've generally been pretty considerate with noise and keeping people out ...

Prehistoric ammonite trapped in amber is discovered for first time

Here you'll find the best geology feeds on Instagram and YouTube

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Geologists and Rock Lovers

They ...

Oh, fundamental christian student in my geology class who says geologists are all wrong please go on, can you send me an e-mail about it using your computer ...

Legion of Evil Geologists Racerback Tank Top


geology c, oons, for when I TA for mineralogy, Geology .

A ...

classic double meaning geology Hall of Fame hard name punk question rock test three types -

Geology Song

Creepy Myths 4The well to hellWhile drilling the worlds deepest hole in Siberia, the geologists

geology Yard Sign

Devils Tower is a tree, and all geologists are liars ...

Over the course of the first 4 months since it's initial eruption, the volcano went from nothing to 200 meters tall. This continued and is currently 424 ...

Earth science cartoons and geology humor about Earth being .

Sheldon paint ball war cry

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Bathymetry Map of Southwestern Iberia

“It's sedimentary, my dear Watson!” My Geology ...

It's my cakeday! Have some geology puns.

You know that you're a Geologist when.

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205. Undergraduate in geology ...

It was felt from its epicenter off the shores of Portugal, up through Great Britain and well into Africa (see image below).

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Starfleet Geology Division Yard Sign

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon: "Geology isn't a real science"

RICHARD L. NIELSEN was honored with the plaque, shown left, at our April meeting. The award to Dick was presented by Steve Zahony with this citation: “We ...


Root of all evil aside, Satan's Twitter is pretty great (23 Photos)

We love to talk geology. Seriously. If you ask us a question, we won't stop talking about it. And we LOVE when people ask us questions… because it lets us ...

Snow in the Sahara Desert and other Gorebal Warming jokes. | Watts Up With That?

Geological Time 2

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It's my cakeday! Have some geology puns.


Skiers in the mountains