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Maryam39s Culinary Wonders 305 Iraqi Tea Chai Istikan tea time

Maryam39s Culinary Wonders 305 Iraqi Tea Chai Istikan tea time


305. Iraqi Tea: Chai Istikan

Maryam's Culinary Wonders: 305. Iraqi Tea: Chai Istikan

Iraqi Noomi Tea

My fellow compatriot Nawal Nasralllah has done a major service towards Iraqi culture and I hope Allah compensates her time, patience, efforts, ...

Iraqi tea

Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates

Tea…iraqi style! stikaan chai.

Iraqi Date Pickles aka Najafi Pickles

Iraqi Kebab

Karkaday: Hibiscus Drink/Tea

Yemeni Milk Tea - Arab Milk Tea - Shai Haleeb - Sheba Yemeni Food & Recipes

Kurdish tea

Iraqi Vermicelli Rice

Iraqi Marinated Olives

Iraqi Chicken Tashreeb V.2

Kurdish Breakfast Kurdish Food, Petit Dej, Kurdistan, Chocolate Fondue, Iran, Yummy

Habeet: Iraqi Stewed Lamb

Iraqi dessert حلاوة شعرية

Iraqi Spinach Fatayer

Cardamom Tea | Ya Salam Cooking | Tea Time | Cardamom tea recipe, Lebanese tea recipe, Tea recipes

Warm Grapefruit Tea

Both are very good, but frankly the Arabic cabbage salad, a gift to this blog from reader Nadia, trumps coleslaw every time.

Iraqi Baklava بقلاوة عراقيه

Iraqi Whole Fish in Pomegranate Molasses

Not Turkish but Kurdish breakfast! Kurdish Food, Petit Dej, Breakfast Lunch Dinner,

Slow Cooker Iraqi White Bean Stew

صمون عراقي .

Iraqi Meatball Pea Stew

Tea Middle East/North Africa -Thee Midden Oosten/Noord Africa More

Compared to my other kubbas, this vegan pumpkin kubba is somewhat exotic and uncommon to me. It hails from the bleeding and burning Aleppo, aka Halab, ...

Maskoof is this way of cooking the Bass Fish from the Tigris River in Baghdad on the wood fire. It has a unique and one of a kind taste and style.. very ...

Karak Tea

kurdish food dolma, the absolute one of the best! stuffed veggies!

If you want to know anything about Iraqi food, you cannot miss the istikan of tea with date kleicha (كليجة). The are oh-so-many home made kleichas that vary ...

Kurdish breakfast haha made me laugh a lil Palestine Food, Lebanese Breakfast, Kurdish Food

Iraqi Fava Dip

125. Honeycomb Bread

Iraqi Klecha cookies

Arguably one of the most popular Iraqi foods, it might not be a stretch to say some households lunch on Bamia on ...

Masgouf: A smoky Iraqi fish that dates back to ancient times


Requiring no cooking, and minimal prep time, it is a major health kick for the body to boot.

Tanoor - Pukhtoogle Tandoori Roti, Lebanon Food, Arabian Food, I Love Food,

Iraqi Walnut Kleicha

سمك مسكوف في أبو نواس - Sök på Google | صورسمك مشوي | Fish dishes, Arabic food, BBQ grill

Iraqi Truffle Rice

Marags (stews) are essential on any Iraqi dining table. Their presence is as comforting as it is fulfilling, and the combination of a saucey nutritive stew ...

Shawerma (شاورمة) is one of those beloved street foods that is very difficult to replicate at home. It is known as guss (كص عراقي) to Iraqis.

طريقة عمل حلاوة التوفي العراقية ...... كوب زيت... كوب طحين ..كوب نشاء..كوب حليب نيدو شيره (قطر) كوبين ونص ماء كوبين سكر ..ملعقة طعام من عصير اليمون قليل من ...

409. Rice Kubba For Boiling or Frying

Iraqi Courgette Stew

... (specifically Moroccan) sausage which the French have adopted as their own. It is a hybrid of a sausage and a kofta. Not unlike the Iraqi basturma or ...

361. Pistachio Kebabs

145. Knafa Buns

714. Kinder Cookies

956. Kebab Maajooqa: Mushroom and Cheese Stuffed Kofta

... ice-cold drinks, and to cap, a steaming mug of tea. Don't forget to pack plastic bags for your waste and leave the place as clean as you found it!

... istikan of sweet Iraqi tea, it is a tradition hard to beat. Spelt gaimar, qeimar, gaymar, what makes it special is that it is made from buffalo milk.

女装 男性 #コスプレ


Lebna, which is strained yogurt, is a very basic ingredient in Arabic cooking. It can be featured in breakfast, lunch, and dinner in various shapes and ...

842. Long Life Salad

Iraqi Date Truffles with Caraway and Fennel Seeds

1175. Crispy Mashed Potato Balls

384. Coconut Basboosa

If you are eating watermelon as it is, you are missing out on some serious flavor combinations. One of which is the famous and beloved Iraqi style combo of ...

Herb stew is popular in the northern region of Iraq, where the soil is lush and yields aplenty. There is this one herb or vegetable which we call berbine ...

1 cup whole milk 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup oil 2 cups sugar 2 Tbsp date molasses 2 cups flour 1 tsp cardamom powder 1 cup shredded coconut 1 cup walnuts

633. Hawawshi: Meat Stuffed Pastry Pockets

Besides the main iftar meal, Muslims have one more lighter meal late at night not long before the fajir early morning prayer named the suhoor.

378. Cheese Tomato and Zaatar Toasts

962. Stone Baked Bread

Maryam's Culinary Wonders: 798. Moroccan Makrout (Fried Semolina Date Cookies)

264. DIY Zaatar Spice Mix

Had I not made this salad with my own hands, I would have had a difficult time believing the white crumbs in there are cauliflower and not burghul.

Ingredients: (for 40 kubba)


676. Chinese 5 Spice Chicken and Brown Fried Rice

627. Avocado Coconut Oil Tartine

This month's MENA Cooking Club feature is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The MENA Cooking Club explores the differences and similarities of the Middle East ...

554. Rahash Chocolates

327. Corn Lettuce Salad



4 cups desiccated coconut (400g) 1 tsp vanilla 1 tin Sweetened Condensed Milk (397g) 1 tsp baking powder 1 Tbsp butter, softened


صحة و عافية


صحة و عافية



Qatar Charity, in collaboration with Insight Club have sponsored a charity bazaar featuring many small stalls and booths. Food, trinkets, and abayas were ...

2 1/2 cups freekeh 1 3/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup raw cashew 1/2 cup blanched almond 1/4 cup pinenuts 1/4 cup sultanas oil 1 cup cooked white rice

صحة و عافية